What Makes a Great App for Sports Betting? Top 10 Features to Check Before Downloading

These following questions are some of the most frequent among Tanzanian punters. What makes a great sports app? And how do I find it? Keep on reading to find out the answers, as we’re about to analyze everything around sports betting apps in Tanzania.

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Why Is a Mobile App Better Than a Standard Website?

Why Is a Mobile App Better Than a Standard Website?

Currently, there are not so many bettors who prefer to spend their time in front of a PC screen when it is much more convenient to launch a bookmaker’s app. Normally, it does not differ from its standard website version, and in some cases, a bookmaker even offers special bonuses for its mobile users.

First of all, the tendency to use mobile apps started developing when bookmakers noticed that they are very handy for users who have no time to relax in front of their PC or laptop at home and make a couple of predictions. Thus, many famous and prestigious betting brands decided to create innovative and functional applications that will operate on the most used OS types and modern devices.

10 Features of a Successful Mobile App

10 Features of a Successful Mobile App

This is the central part of the article where readers can start exploiting the evaluation criteria that make an app excellent. All the aspects will be observed one by one so you have a better picture and understanding of how to find a great application. Also, if you are interested in the process of app development you can check it in another article devoted to creating a perfect betting app.

  1. Interface Convenience

One of the major criteria that influences the mood and emotions of users is convenience. Nobody will be happy if they are facing some problems like the inability to find an option or a game they like and there is no one to ask about it. So, when we talk about the app layout, it better be intuitive and user-friendly.

Design is a part of the interface, so developers should make all the elements more tap-like. It means that it should be a bit enlarged and more noticeable to eliminate the chance of fingers slipping and making wrong predictions.

It should have tools for fast login and easy account management, containing all the necessary elements on the front screen. Besides, it is vital that even a newbie can understand the app layout and find the options and support when it is most needed. 

  1. Size of the App and Technical Characteristics

Another vital aspect to consider is the technical characteristics. Normally, any application will be released for the latest models of mobile devices. Here is the list of characteristics you need to pay attention to before you decide to download an app:

  • actual size of the app;
  • required memory;
  • compatibility with OS types and versions.

Observe the parameters and make up your mind. It is also worth saying that downloading a mobile app is not the only way to enjoy betting on a mobile device. Bookmakers know that it is costly and time-consuming to develop an app for each and every OS version. Therefore, they also offer punters the option to use a Lite or standard mobile website version.

  1. Support Options

Another crucial aspect is customer support, which offers its services around the clock. Help and assistance can be required at any moment, so bookmaker’s customer service better be prepared to provide a ready and fast solution. Not every company can offer such swift help. However, this support feature can be checked only after some use of the app.

Normally, many bookmakers strive to leave a live chat icon visible on the mobile screen with an opportunity to hide it. Therefore, one of the main criteria is to make the support option noticeable, but at the same time, it should not be big in size. It will lead punters in the right direction in case help is needed quickly.

  1. Range of Games and Sports

When selecting the best application, you should check if the number of available sporting events is similar to the standard bookmaker’s platform. If all major and famous tournaments and competitions are available, it is a great sign that you will like this app.

As a rule, developers tend to locate sports selections at the bottom of the page or on the left side panel as on the standard website. They do it to have enough space for the drop-down list so users can observe all the options with maximum comfort. When you look for the best application, pay attention to this option because, based on other punters’ experience, it is one of the best options you can have on a smaller screen.

  1. Convenience of Downloading and Installation

If you are an Android owner, do not try to find sports betting apps on the Google market. It prohibits the placement of such gaming apps. Therefore, many betting websites offer their users the option to download zipped APK files. You need to visit the bookie’s site and launch the downloading process. Once it is finished, allow your device to install it in the phone settings and unpack your zip file.

Owners of Apple devices can install apps even faster because AppStore allows them to publish such apps in its market. So, to download them, a player will be redirected to the store and download and install the app in one click.

  1. Cash Out Feature

This is the option that can sometimes be available on standard betting sites but is unavailable on mobile devices. What is a cash out? This option allows you to return some of the betted money if you notice that your prediction has less chance of happening. It is not available in every app, so you can send a request to support and find out if the app allows you to use it.

It is one of the most effective tools for betting because it helps to save some money and place more effective live bets. It is a perfect chance to enhance your betting skills and make every next stake more accurate.

  1. Casino Entertainment

Not so many sports betting apps nowadays have casino games. It is not a necessary option, but if you are a fan of such entertainment and like to play slots from time to time, this can pose a challenge. Since there is no way to check it, you can also apply for support to clarify this issue.

  1. Variety of Payment Methods

The number of deposit and withdrawal methods would be the same as the standard website. You can observe the contents once you download the app and authorize it. In your profile, you can choose a deposit tab and observe all the options this bookmaker has.

  1. Easy Login

When you cannot remember your password and login details, it is great when the app can offer you authorization via a fingerprint or save your data once you insert it for an easier login process. It can be a great help when you need to place a lucky bet fast.

  1. Simple Account Management

Control of your bets and deposit history is a vital instrument. Therefore, you should see what options are available in a particular app. One of the major features is the ability to check history and analytics, which can help you save more funds and have a pleasant betting session.

What are the main options here? First of all, punters should be able to change and update their personal and contact data if required. Moreover, punters can use some self-exclusion tools if a betting brand provides it. Also, it is important that punters can check their betting history, check their settled bets, or observe their transaction history and see pending transfers. All these options make it easier to track spending and other vital parameters. 

How to Find the Best App?

How to Find the Best App?

There are some tips on how players can download the best app. So, in this part of the article, you can get a glimpse of several of them. Check all the tips below:

  1. Choose only proven bookmakers. Normally, if a bookmaker is famous and reliable, it is enough to check its website to see which options you can receive in the app.
  2. Read the description on the official bookmaker’s website. Many bookmakers advertise their applications right on the platform.
  3. Observe punters’ feedback. Players who already tried the app can tell you much information about it you will never find on the bookmaker’s portal. You can learn all the perks and drawbacks of the software without spending your time downloading it.
  4. Check if a bookie has a mobile special bonus offer. It can be easily checked on the official bookmakers’ website. Proceed to its promotion section and see if the platform has a special deal or send a request to support.

Punters can shorten the whole process of seeking their dream app by checking all the famous and reputable betting brands, such as betPawa https://betpawa.tz/app-download/ or 1xBet Tanzania.

Other Vital Features

Other Vital Features

Based on expert opinion, a successful application should also include other betting features, such as match statistics, live betting, and others. They can significantly improve punters’ interaction and experience because such apps provide more efficient options that lead to more winning predictions. In the following part, you can observe some of these features to understand what else you should consider when choosing your best app.

Live Betting Regime

It can be integrated into the app or not. However, this option is not on the list because the majority of famous betting brands include it along with the list of other useful features in comparison to other options that can be absent. For instance, if you choose 1xBet or BetKing, you can be 100% sure that live betting mode is there because it is a vital part of any pleasant gaming experience.

Its main perk is that players can enjoy building their predictions while the game is in progress. It allows punters to make better and more accurate predictions and makes the whole process exciting and joyous.

Live Statistics

When you are trying to build your perfect prediction, observing the statistics of previous matches is a necessity. App developers strive to incorporate more options so that users won’t leave an application and check everything they need using one of its features. Live statistics and analytics may show bettors useful schemes that provide more information about the player’s or team’s performance and serve as a vital prediction tool.


The last viable option that can help improve the interaction between a user and an app is the set of filters. It simplifies the search process and lets you spend less time looking for a particular game or match. Therefore, many eminent betting brands prefer to integrate all the possible options to offer their registered punters all the perks and convenience.

Summing Up

Summing Up

Summing up all the main ideas of this article, it is obvious that choosing a quality application can be difficult but possible. It is only logical that if you like a betting site, you will also enjoy using the company’s app. It is very convenient and does not tie you to your computer because everything is available via your smartphone or a tablet on the go.

It can seem challenging when you need to choose a really great application. One of the shortcuts we can recommend is to stick with quality betting brands that strive to provide the best services to their users. The experience received after making predictions via this app is more comfortable and pleasant.

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